Top 5 Best Shopify Themes – 2022 UPDATE

Top 5 Best Shopify Themes – 2022 UPDATE

It’s really important to make a great impression on your customers whenever they visit your website. According to the Blue Corona statistic, 38% of online shoppers will leave a website if its appearance is unappealing. Indeed, businesses always try to create dazzling designs that can improve the user experience for creating eCommerce conversions. This also applies to Shopify eCommerce store owners, more than 4 million of them. Thus, choosing the best Shopify themes for the website contributes to success.

To help you choose your ideal theme, in this article, we will suggest to you some of the top-notch choices of the best Shopify themes for your eCommerce website.

In case you’re already selling somewhere, migrating to a Shopify store could be beneficial. Proper migration from platforms such as  WooCommerce to Shopify, Wix to Shopify, or Magento to Shopify (also known as Adobe Commerce to Shopify) will help you save a lot of time and effort in building a new store from scratch.

1. Minimal

Minimal is one of Shopify’s free themes that has a well-deserved reputation for its user-friendliness and great customizability on the backend.

With a clean and simple interface, Minimal is an excellent choice for beginners or companies that want to decrease visual distractions and spotlight their products.

There is one notable thing is that the free Shopify themes which are available on the Shopify Theme Store all have the above features. So, in this article, we will shortly call these features Shopify theme default features.

However, users praise Minimal as one of the best Shopify themes because of not only the Shopify theme default features but also its following superb attributes.

Price: $0

Theme styles:  3 styles – Vintage I Fashion I Modern

Positive response: 84% (90 reviews in total)

Highlight features:

  • Home page video: The homepage is the first experience your customers have with your store and brand. Therefore, using a homepage video helps you craft a more delightful, positive experience for visitors while also driving conversions. Come to Minimal, this theme allows users to embed a video hosted on Youtube or Vimeo to the home page.
  • Product Image Zoom: Users prefer a website using zoomable product images. The reason is that they can easily visualize how your products look in detail instead of zooming through the entire website.
  • Cart page: Shoppers can enter notes with their orders on the cart page. Whereby, you can receive special instructions from your shoppers about how to prepare and deliver the order.

2. Ella

The first name in the list of the best Shopify themes is Ella. Developed by Halothemes which makes awesome themes for BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento, it is the best sellers item on Themeforest.

Ella gets a solid reputation as a drag-and-drop Shopify theme with incredible UI/ UX and Mobile Optimized layout. This Shopify theme offers store owners tons of well-designed, responsive, and eye-catching templates.

Price: Ella offers two licenses for users:

  • Regular License: $55
  • Extended License: $2800

The fees for extending support to 12 months for Regular and Extended License are $15 and $768.75 correspondingly.

Positive response: Ella has an average rating of 4.81/5 with 525 ratings.

Highlight features:

  • Drop-down list Shopping cart: The shopping cart block will appear when your shoppers click to the cart icon. Therefore, they can easily view their shopping cart status on any page they want without opening a new page.
  • New monthly themes: Besides updating the current themes frequently, Ella releases new Shopify themes monthly to satisfy your customers and keep your store looking new.
  • Gorgeous Child Themes: The child Theme is a theme that inherits all the features and functionalities from another theme called the parent theme. When you customize the parent theme, all the current functionalities are still kept in the child theme.
  • Lazy Loading: This is an optimized technique for online content that reduces loading time and memory usage. Your store shows product images in the product/category pages, so it’s time-consuming to load the entire in the browser. Instead, Lazy Loading only loads the requested images and delays the remaining images until they are needed.

3. Minion

The minion Shopify theme is – The next Shopify Generation 2.0 theme.

Price: $250

Outstanding features: 

  • Versatile Customizability.
  • 24 sections everywhere.
  • 3 different menu types.
  • Flexible design settings and customization options to achieve your professional store.
  • Variety of predefined skins and layouts.
  • Save your time.
  • Great e-commerce experience allows for providing ready premade stores.
  • Minimize your resources for building a powerful website.
  • Fast Performance and mobile first.
  • Best indexing by Google.
  • Stand out from competitors and get the highest conversions.
  • Approved and recommended by official Shopify MarketPlace developers.
  • Trust professionals – get a powerful store in a few minutes.

4. Mysterio

The Mysterio theme for Shopify is a powerful and flexible solution allowing you to build a top-notch online store for fashion and beauty. It is one of the advanced yet affordable Shopify themes from Zemez.

This theme was designed with not just customers but also eCommerce trends in mind. Moreover, this solution is fully compatible with the latest version of Shopify, the Online Store 2.0. With a great number of new features and improved functionality, this update simplifies eCommerce. Both merchants and developers can benefit from it.

Price: $39

Theme styles: clean, minimalistic, and modern.

Highlight features:

  • 10+ homepage layouts;
  • Full support of Shopify apps;
  • Wishlist and product compare;
  • Shopify visual builder;
  • Shopping cart and quick view;
  • Dynamic blocks on the product page;
  • Call-to-action pop-ups;
  • Advanced media on the product page (images, video, youtube, Vimeo, 3D models).

5. District

A district is an incredible option when searching for one of the best Shopify themes in 2022. If you want to showcase featured products and collections, District is a good selection.

Best suited for fashion & apparel and sports businesses, District has a gorgeous design with many functions to help customers see the finer details of your products.

Price: $180

Theme styles:  3 styles – District I Energy I Coast

Positive response: 100% (592 reviews in total)

Highlight features:

  • Shopify theme default features
  • Marketing Email Popup: Popup refers to an ad displayed in a window on the same page. It helps you highlight relevant offers, products, or sales, build email lists, and recapture your customers’ attention before they leave the page.
  • Color swatches: This feature allows shoppers to view a product in different available colors. Whereby, they can visualize how the product looks and choose the one they like more conveniently.
  • Dedicated support: Besides outstanding UI/UX features, responsive assistance plays an important role in making District become one of the best Shopify themes. If you have any questions, you can contact the support team and they will give you the best solution as fast as possible.


To conclude, choosing the best Shopify theme that fits your objectives will help you manage your website more easily and outshine competitors. If your design doesn’t attract customers, or your customers find it’s difficult to search through the product catalog, they will turn to another website.

There are loads of fantastic Shopify themes available on the market today. We have narrowed down the best ones for you, now it’s time to make the decision:

  • The best free Shopify theme: Minimal.
  • The best premium Shopify themes on Shopify Theme store: District,  Responsive, Testament, and Icon. These themes are the best ones for different industries like fashion, beauty & health, etc. Please note that they all offer great customizability to make changes to the website so that you can tailor them to any kind of business.
  • The best Themeforest Shopify themes: Wokiee, Ella. These are the two best themes on Themeforest that can work on multipurpose.

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