3 Best Laravel Admin Panel

3 Best Laravel Admin Panel

As a software engineer that relies on the Laravel PHP framework to build websites and applications, the following Laravel themes to be discussed as we proceed in this article are the best options you can find anywhere on the internet.

What makes them special? These themes and templates are not only attractive and eye-catching when used on projects, they are the best fit to develop apps that suit your needs.

Not only that, the themes listed in this article helps in increasing apps’ efficiency and they also give an insight on how an application performance is faring – something every developer in this field would be proud to have around their projects.

These Laravel projects can give you a head start by helping you reduce your workload to just focusing on development (which is the key thing) so you won’t unnecessarily have to start the whole thing from scratch.

1. Volt Laravel Dashboard

Volt is a full stack Laravel application featuring an authentication system, CRUDs for items, categories, tags, users, an extensive amount of examples pages and hundreds of UI components based on Bootstrap 5.

This project can kick-start your Laravel web project with most of the basic functionalities any admin interface needs. You can also easily customize the appearance using Sass variables and mixins and use the pre-built Gulp commands to compile the stylesheets.


  • The free version comes with over 100 handcrafted UI components that support Bootstrap 5 and Vanilla JS;
  • The pro version includes 800+ handcrafted Bootstrap 5 UI components in your hands for your application;
  • Irrespective of the versions, this incredible dashboard comes with SaaS files & Gulp commands;
  • It also includes lightweight plugins that you can easily work with;
  • It’s powered by Laravel 8 and built with Bootstrap 5;
  • Example pages in assisting in getting familiar with the dashboard;
  • Livewire & Alpine.js integration;
  • Free and commercial projects supported.

2. Argon Laravel Dashboard

The Argon Laravel Dashboard is the perfect fit for anyone looking to improve their backend skills with Laravel. What makes it stand out among others?

It’s a clean and modern theme that won’t accommodate you with unnecessary inconvenience during usage. For web development, it’s a nice Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard that you can truly depend on from prototyping to fastly building a fully functional web application.


  • Fully coded and responsive HTML5;
  • Built with Bootstrap 4;
  • 200+ fully coded implemented frontend components;
  • The Argon Laravel Dashboard comes with ready to use CRUDS;
  • It comes with interesting Example Pages you can jump upon to get inspired;
  • Every element and component in the Argon Laravel Dashboard has detailed documentation to help users follow along.

3. Material Laravel Dashboard

This Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard comes with a unique and clean design. Any software engineer with the Laravel Framework 8.x+ can rely on it for quick and efficient web development.

The Material Laravel Dashboard comes with ready-to-use components and CRUDS that users can turn around to implement some certain functionalities in a web application. Also, Creative Tim and Updivision got inspiration from Google’s Material Design in creating this powerful and versatile beauty.


  • The free version of this Laravel Admin Dashboard comes with 60 fully coded implemented frontend components;
  • The pro veresion comes with with about 200+ implemented frontend components together with multiple third-party plugins;
  • Material Laravel Dashboard also contains SASS files that you can easily use to combine and modify each of these components and plugins to your taste;
  • The components come with extensive documentation to ease users navigation around the tool;
  • It is built based on the popular Bootstrap CSS framework;
  • Whether you are using the free version or the pro version, both come with tons of example pages to help get along so easily.