Laravel Packages To Use In 2022

Laravel Packages To Use In 2022

Laravel is a PHP web framework for developing web applications that are free and open-source. The Laravel Admin Panel Template improves web application performance and might be useful for gaining insights into how your online application is operating.

Furthermore, it provides developers with a quick and easy programming environment. Laravel also strives to make the development process quick and uncomplicated by removing the tedium from common online projects such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching.

Moreover, it will not compromise application functionality and will make it easier for developers to do specially designed activities. These packages, for example, allow you to access relational databases in a variety of ways, do dependency injection, and so much more.

Packages can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Framework-independent packages suitable for Laravel, but also other PHP frameworks
  • Laravel-specific packages that work exclusively with this framework

1. Laravel Debugbar

The Laravel Debugbar package is one of the finest Laravel packages for adding a developer toolbar to your application (s). This package is more or less made for debugging.

Debugbar comes with a plethora of settings. It will assist you in displaying all of the queries that your application provides – everything linked to the route – that you have called, as well as all of the inputs that you have provided. When you use the Façade to add messages, they will appear in the ‘Messages’ tab in Laravel Debugbar.

2. Laravel Backup

This Laravel package backs up all of the files in a given application. It generates a zip file including all files in the directories you choose, as well as a database dump. A backup can be stored on any file system. All you have to do to make a backup is run the following command:

php artisan backup:run

3. No Captcha

No Captcha is a package that allows you to use Google ReCaptcha to validate forms and prevent spam. To begin, you must first receive a free reCaptcha API key.